A rose. For you.

Hi. I’m Lashan—

I've been designing & launching products since 2014.

In 2020, I moved to San Francisco and started my own design studio. Before that: I led digital transformation projects for Fortune 1000s, worked at software agencies, founded startups, started a music festival, and launched an Augmented Reality app that was featured by Apple.

The work tells a better story.

YMCA branded mobile app, powered by Familyworks.
Transitiv, a data warehouse and analytics software for franchises
Fear of God's Hollywood Bowl campaign.
Bespoke enterprise software, designed and built for Zappos.
Hestan Cue's mobile app for controlling their smart cookware.
Solidhaus, an AR app, featured by Apple
Billie Eilish preforming at the music festival, Life is Beautiul.